At Leesburg Volkswagen, we offer our customers a wide variety of financing options designed to help them get into the car of their dreams. Our dealership has several options that can help you finance or lease a vehicle. While there are many good reasons for buying a vehicle, some customers prefer leasing so that they can always drive the most up-to-date vehicle. In order to help our customers, here we compare and contrast the benefits of buying vs leasing.

Financing Your New Volkswagen Vehicle

At Leesburg Volkswagen, we have a wide variety of financing options for our customers. For instance, we’ve put together an extensive list of local and national lenders that work with customers of all credit types. This allows us to extend financing to nearly anyone who comes to our dealership to search for a new Volkswagen vehicle.

Depending on the price of your vehicle, bear in mind that if you choose to finance a new Volkswagen, your monthly payments may be higher than that if you were leasing a vehicle. When you finance a new vehicle, your payments are based on the full retail price of the vehicle, along with added interest charges, financing charges, fees and taxes. Also bear in mind that when you finance a vehicle, you must pay a down payment, tag and registration fees, and sales tax.

As opposed to leasing a vehicle, when you purchase a new Volkswagen from our dealership, you are building equity because you own the vehicle rather than a financial services company. At the end of your financing terms, you own the vehicle and can do whatever you please with it. When you lease a car, you have the option to buy it at the end of the leasing period, but often for a higher price. With financing, you can simply pay off your loan at any time and full ownership of the vehicle. If you put on a high number of miles with a financed vehicles, there are no penalties since the car is yours. In contrast, when you lease, your contract typically dictates how many miles you can put on the vehicle. If you go over, you can expect to pay a hefty price.

Leasing a New Volkswagen

If you’re looking for a car in the short run, consider leasing a vehicle. The leasing period is often 3 years in length, after which you can lease another vehicle or purchase the vehicle. For drivers that want the most up-to-date technology and safety features, leasing is a great option. When your lease expires, simply sign another lease for a newer model. The leasing program at our dealership is designed to be as flexible as possible and meet our customers’ needs. You can negotiate the lease period and the number of miles included. Since your payments only cover a smaller portion of the actual retail price of the vehicle, your payments may be lower. With a lease, you typically do not have the option of paying it off early, and you can expect some fees with signup such as lease acquisition fees and down payments.

At Leesburg Volkswagen, our finance team is here to help get you into the vehicle of your dreams. To expedite the financing process, you can start a financing application using our online application and receive an approval within hours. Visit Leesburg Volkswagen to inquire about financing and leasing options.

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